All you need to know about Gemopai Ryder

Gemopai Ryder is an entry level electric scooter from Gemopai. It can be driven without a license.


Gemopai Ryder can reach a top speed of 25 km/hr and offers a range of 90 km approximately for a 100% battery. The power of motor used is 250 watts.

Battery and Charging

The battery used in Gemopai Ryder is Lithium-ion and has a capacity of 24 Ah. The Gemopai Ryder can be charged fully in 3-4 hours.


Gemopai Ryder has all the basic features covered. A digital speedometer, long seat with backrest, Dual channel ABS, Anti theft alarm, keyless entry, hydraulic Front and Rear Suspension.

Gemopai Ryder


Gemopai Ryder is offered in 5 colours- Imperial red, Sapphire Blue, Charcoal Grey, Ivory Gold and Glossy white.


Gemopai Ryder is priced around INR 60,000. (Ex-Showroom)