Ampere Vehicles initiates Green Restart program

Ampere Vehicles, the e-mobility business of Greaves Cotton Limited, has kick-started a new program called ‘Green Restart’ with a clear intent to accelerate EV adoption in India and commemorate their 13th Anniversary.

The situation with the second covid wave is evolving each day; we have to constantly find measures to ensure smooth functioning of essential services. This includes home-deliveries, which are backed with a safer ecosystem. Ampere scooters have been extensively used in such deliveries facilitating a sustainable ecosystem and promoting Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

With conscious choices, customers and commuters can benefit immensely with higher economic savings and reducing the carbon footprint that is one of the biggest contributors to the pollution and respiratory disorders, leading to bad health.

Speaking on this occasion, the Company spokesperson said, ”We have a fast-growing presence in both B2B & B2C segments. This has been possible owing to superior functional performance; higher savings over Petrol scooters, great ride & drive comfort, easy to use and charge, robust aftermarket support in mass mobility domain. We have tapped multiple new segments in last mile logistics, ride sharing, bike rentals usage with usage in various applications by the micro entrepreneurs”

Ampere electric has been part of the growing e-mobility ecosystem developed by engineering giant Greaves with clear ambition to decarbonise last mile transportation. Today, Greaves E-mobility assures EV customers across length and breadth of the country with 330 outlets from Ampere spread across 250+ cities & towns. It has been one of fast growing e-mobility brands, with its reliable and dependable product offering Ampere has already been a preferred brand in varied applications for reputed B2B players in areas of e-commerce, food retail, CPG deliveries etc.

The sheer cost economics and life cycle advantage for its performance and economy range has seen increased acceptance across both urban and rural areas. Off late the Company has announced sizable investment in areas of technology, manufacturing and focused on developing the next e-force to grow its product penetration across India.