BLive announces the Launch of ‘Exchange & Upgrade Program’ To Drive Adoption of Electric Bikes

BLive announced the launch of its ‘Exchange & Upgrade Program’ that provides petrol vehicle owners a unique opportunity to exchange any petrol-based two-wheeler with an electric two-wheeler for EMI as low as Rs.2000. An instant quote/estimate generated on the BLive Website by the proprietary pricing application powered by CredR will enable the users to further enjoy a reduction in the upfront costs. All customers also get amazing offers like a 2Night 3 Days stay at Club Mahindra resorts.

The program will be live in Delhi NCR, Pune, Bangalore and Jaipur, where users can get a chance to own the latest Electric Vehicles facilitated through BLive’s partnership with Hero Electric and Ampere.

At the time when fuel prices are skyrocketing, it has never been more imperative to switch to Electric vehicles that are getting increasingly accessible. With BLive, all of these brands are under one roof along with the various offers in place that make it the most economical option even long term in addition to the environmental impact that it has. 

The process of purchase is completed in three simple steps:

Step 1: The user logs on the BLive EV store website, gets to BUY NOW or Exchange with CredR options. When the user clicks on the EXCHANGE option, the bike gets added to the cart and the buyer proceeds to feeds in the old scooter data. The value for the old vehicle is determined and the user at the end gets to select a time and date for inspection.

Step 2: Once this is completed, the user needs to complete the purchase at full price. The cash back for the old vehicle is done directly to their account after the inspection is complete.

Step 3: On purchase of the EV the customer receives a 2 Night 3 Day stay at any Club Mahindra across India.

India’s Electric mobility landscape is undergoing a significant transformation with the ongoing pandemic scenario. There is expected to be a sharp rise in the demand for affordable, personal mobility. With the fuel costs skyrocketing, electric vehicles will be the obvious choice to explore, leading to an increase in its demand. Currently, electric mobility contributes to less than 1% of the two-wheelers market, which is only expected to rise further in the coming year.