Honda Activa 6G vs Hero Maestro Edge 110


These 2 scooters fall under the 110 cc segment. Hero launched Maestro edge 110 recently which is giving a fierce competition to other scooters in the 110 cc segment. Without doubt Activa has been the leader in scooters since several years. Maestro has good mileage and engine. Will it outperform Activa 6G? Let us discuss.


Fuel tank capacity of Honda Activa 6G is greater than Mastero’s 5L fuel tank. Activa has a better ground clearance of 171 mm compared to Maestro’s 155 mm. The wheel type in Maestro Edge 110 is Alloy whereas, in Activa 6G, the wheel type is sheet metal. Both have essential features. Maestro Edge 110 has stand indicator, mobile charging point and a service reminder. Activa 6G has an engine start/stop switch and double lid external fuel fill.


Maestro Edge 110 is available in 6 colours – Candy Blazing Red, Techno Blue, Seal Silver & Midnight Blue, Panther Black and Pearl Fadeless white.

Activa 6G

Activa 6G is available in 6 colours – Pearl Spartan Red, Dazzle Yellow Metallic, Black, Matte Axis Grey Metallic, Glitter Metallic Blue and Pearl Precious White.


Maestro edge 110 has a more powerful engine. Power is 8.15PS at 7500rpm. Honda Activa 6G has a power of 7.79PS at 8000rpm. Despite having a powerful engine, Maestro Edge 110 has better mileage of 65 kmpl which is 20 kmpl more than Activa 6G. So Maestro edge 110 is a clear winner in terms of performance.

Variants and price

Maestero Edge 110 has 2 variants- VX drum brake alloy wheel and alloy wheel. The price ranges between Rs 60,950 to Rs 62,450. (Ex-showroom Delhi). Activa 6G also has 2 variants; one is DLX and other is STD. Cost is Rs 65,419 to Rs 66,920. (Ex-showroom Delhi)

Final Verdict

Maestro Edge 110 offers the best mileage. Maestro edge is heavier and has a bad ground clearance. There is not much difference in prices. Activa 6G offers reliability but Maestro Edge 110 is good for daily commute because of the mileage and engine.

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