Isuzu MU-X Gallery

Raw, Loud, Huge is what the Isuzu MUX is. Yes, the interior could have been better. Yes, the car is loud and you get a lot of engine noise in the cabin. Yes, the transmission tends to be lazy at times. But hey, Sports Utility Vehicle isn’t it? As a petrol-head, I’m going to go ahead and say, I love the car for the small niggles it has. You get the reliability of an Isuzu engine, and you get a lot of car for the money you give. Buy this one for the raw appeal this car has. Car makers are pushing to make their vehicles as driver-friendly as possible by giving many electronic gimmicks and fancy user interfaces and stitched-to-perfection interiors. Cars this old-school are diminishing at a fast rate, and we’re happy that Isuzu is having one such up for sale.