Tips to get your vehicle ready for a Roadtrip

Getting your car ready for a Roadtrip? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Road tripping can be a smooth & memorable experience if our vehicles are well kept and taken care of well in advance. Road Tripping in India can be an adventurous journey with all kinds of experiences; from Ghat roads to village roads, each of these has a different story to tell!

Here are a few tips you can keep in mind while getting your vehicle Road Trip ready –

Vehicle check before & after the Roadtrip

Check the undercarriage; for the most efficient vehicle performance, it’s always a good idea to take your vehicle down to the service center. For 2 wheelers, make sure to clean the air filter of the motorcycle. Have the vehicle inspected thoroughly for the best results. Similarly, take a look at the drive train for 2 wheelers. Make sure your horn is working properly along with the air conditioning for 4 wheelers. Its summer season so a working air conditioner should be on your priority list. As you aren’t aware of the kind of weather you may run into its best to check if the wiper blades are keeping your windscreen clean; if not, replace them so you are prepared for a safe journey. Check your breaks at least twice or thrice for the safe side.

Check the tire wear

Tyres are undoubtedly the most important part of your vehicle. Checks are important and before you head out for an exciting journey, these need to be thoroughly checked. Proper alignment of wheels helps to reduce tyre wear for 2 wheelers.

Check oil and fluid levels

Before setting off to your destinations, it’s best to check your vehicle’s engine oil and other coolants that are essential for vehicles to function smoothly.

Emergency equipment’s

At all costs, you must always carry a First-Aid Kit. Although most car makers provide a kit, it’s best to have a personalized kit set depending on your preference. Carry spare parts, such as car’s fuses & knowing how to change them is an added bonus. Air fresheners will work wonders in giving you a pleasant travelling experience.

Wash your vehicle

Washing your vehicle before & after the road trip is a must; it will give you a better experience while travelling and cleanliness most certainly matters!