All you need to know about Ampere Reo Plus

Ampere Reo Plus is an electric scooter from Ampere. This scooter comes in 2 different battery options. License and Registration is not required for this e-bike.


Ampere Reo Plus has a 250W motor with BLDC Vector Sine Wave controller. Ampere Reo Plus has the capability to travel upto 65 km with a single charge and can cruise at a top speed of 25 kmph.

Battery and Charging

48 V 27 Ah Lead Acid battery and 48 V 28 Ah Lithium are the 2 different battery variants used in Ampere Reo Plus. A 48 V 6 Ampere charger is provided for the Lithium which charges completely in 5-6 hours. 48 V 2.7 Ampere SLA charger is used for the charging of Lead Acid battery. Charging time is 8-10 hours.


Ampere Reo Plus has Telescopic front brake and suspension and Coil spring suspension and brakes at the rear, 112 mm ground clearance, 120 kg maximum loading capacity, LED lights, USB port, Mechanical drum tyres.


Ampere Reo Plus is offered in 4 colours; Orange, Blue, Red and Yellow.


The Lead Acid battery variant of Ampere Reo Plus is priced at INR 44,990 (Ex-Showroom) and Lithium battery variant is prices at 58,990. (Ex-Showroom)