All you need to know about Evolet Pony

Evolet Pony is an entry-level e-scooter in the company’s portfolio. It does not require a driving license or registration to ride. There are 2 models- Pony EZ and Pony Classic.


Evolet Pony has Tubless tyres, Aluminium alloy wheels, Front – Hydraulic Telescopic, Rear – Double shocker with dual tube technology suspension, Electronic assisted braking system, LED lights, Digital Speedometer and many more.


Evolet Pony has a top speed of 25 km/hr and has a range of 90-120 km. The waterproof BLDC motor has a peak power of 350 kW.

Battery and Charging

Pony EZ comes with a 48V/28 Ah VRLA (Lead Acid) battery, while the Pony Classic comes with a 48V/25 Ah lithium ion battery. 

Lead acid battery takes 8-9 hours to charge and the other one with a lithium ion battery which takes 3-4 hours for 100% charge.


Evolet Pony is available in 4 colours; White, Black, Red, Blue, Silver.


The price of Evolet Pony ranges from INR 39,999 to 49,999. (Ex-Showroom)