Ather Energy is now in Indore

Ather Energy inaugurated its new retail outlet – Ather Space, at A B Road, Indore, in association with Kasliwal Group. The Ather 450X, India’s quickest and smartest scooter, alongside the Ather 450 Plus will be available to test ride and purchase at Ather Space.

Over the years, the Madhya Pradesh government has introduced several policies to accelerate the adoption of EVs like giving subsidies up to 25% on building Charging infrastructure, exempting the vehicle registration for the first 22,500 electric 2-wheelers, Nand providing free parking at Municipal run parking facilities to all EV vehicles. These policies will accelerate the adoption of EVs in the state. The opening of Ather Space in Indore is driven by the strong consumer demand from the city since the launch of Ather 450X and 450 Plus in January 2020.

Ather Space is geared to provide a unique ownership experience along with complete service and support for the owners. The new Ather Space will offer customers an opportunity to learn about every aspect of the vehicle and provide a complete overview of the various parts with a stripped-bare unit on display. They can also book test ride slots on Ather Energy’s website before visiting the experience centre. This is Ather Energy’s 1st Experience Centre in Madhya Pradesh. Earlier this year, Ather expanded its presence across multiple cities, including Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kochi, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Trichy, Visakhapatnam, Jaipur, and Kozhikode.

Ather Energy is one of the few OEMs that also invests in building charging infrastructures. The company has installed six fast-charging points, Ather Grid, which can be found at Bhanwar Kuwa, Annapurna, Race Course Road, Nanda Nagar, Raj Mohalla, and A B Road. All the Ather Grid locations are strategically placed in key areas of the city so that it is easily accessible to EV owners across Indore. Ather Energy plans to add 8-10 more charging points to strengthen the charging network to provide smooth and stress-free rides for EV owners in the city. Ather Energy also helps customers in setting up home charging solutions in their apartments and buildings.

The ex-showroom price post the Fame II revision for the Ather 450X is INR. 146,926 & INR 127,916 for the Ather 450 Plus in Indore.