Best Road /City Cycles in India

With the rise in health consciousness due to the pandemic, cycling has become a popular fitness choice among young and old alike. Cycling has almost as many advantages as the lanes you may be exploring. It is beneficial to one’s mental health, is the greener choice, and can help boost your immune system. Its resistance component allows it to build muscle while also assisting in fat loss. Cycling is becoming more popular even in metropolitan settings. When compared to commuting by automobile or public transportation, cycling is associated with a 45% lower risk of cancer and a 46% reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases. Cycling just 20 miles per week can cut your risk of coronary heart disease in half.

The advantages are without a doubt unparalleled. So, the next time you have a short commute, get a bicycle to travel in elegance! Here are some of the finest bicycles you could pick:

1. Hero Octane Iguana 700c

The Hero Octane Iguana 700C is an entry-level Road Bike with a lightweight Alloy frame made with endurance focused geometry. This road bicycle’s rigid fork is composed of Alloy, which helps to keep the front weight of the bike under control. The Iguana 700C is an ideal choice for anyone looking to buy a road bicycle for fitness or comfortable long distances rides.


  • The Hero Octane Iguana 700C has a Shimano Claris 2×8 Speed drivetrain.
  • This Road Bicycle from Hero Cycles comes with Caliper Brakes.
  • The Hero Octane Iguana 700C comes with an Alloy Rigid Fork.
  • The Hero Octane Iguana 700C comes with a pair of 700c tires which are attached to Double Wall Alloy Rims.

Price:  INR 29,700

2. City Hybrid Bike: Road Runner Pro D Plus

The Firefox Road Runner Pro D is an ideal bicycle for adults looking at a hybrid bicycle for city and long distance rides with an occasional ride on bumpy roads and mud paths. It is manufactured by the Indian bicycle company, Firefox, with Suntour NEX Suspension Fork and Hydraulic Lockout.


  • Superior Rage of Hybrid cycle designed for performance
  • The 40 mm front suspension made sure the bumps on the road didn’t cause any vibrations
  • Cycles frame comes in 3 different sizes and is thoughtfully engineered for superior quality
  • Front handlebars come with extra cushioning, making the ride joyful
  • Fast & Comfortable ride on urban roads makes it an ideal fitness or leisure bike.

Price: INR 29, 500

3. Montra Trance 700X35C 21 Speed Stylish Sporty Alloy Bike/Bicycle

Montra Trance 700X35C 21 Speed Stylish Sporty Alloy Bike is a budget cycle for beginners with front suspension. It provides comfortable rides and has a lightweight build.


  • Lightweight Aluminium frame
  • 7×3 speed Shimano mix gears
  • Comes in 85 percent assembled state and needs installation
  • Material: Aluminum

Price: INR 24,000

4. Btwin RockRider 520 MTB

Btwin is a brand of bicycle owned by the sports store chain Decathlon. The brand is known for selling high-quality sports equipment at a very reasonable price. Their bike, Btwin RockRider 520 MTB is exceptional, with adjustable Suntour XCT fork that helps you ride easily over minor potholes or an off-road trail.


  • This MTB uses a specially designed Btwin Evo alloy frame.
  • The bicycle comes equipped with a dual Hayes MX5 disk brakes for efficient braking.
  • The cycle uses an adjustable Suntour XCT fork. This helps you ride easily over minor potholes or an off-road trail.
  • Gears: The cycle comes with SRAM X3 8-speed rear derailleur. Microshift MS22 front derailleur. SRAM X4 shifters with speed indicators.
  • The MTB uses a doubled walled rims with Aero Trail Evo wheels mounted with all-terrain tyres by Btwin (27.5′ x 2′)

5. Giant Escape 3 

Giant Escape 3 is equipped with Tektro V- brakes, Shimano Tourney groupset and fast rolling wheels that make it ideal for an avid cyclist.


  • Fast-rolling wheels
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Well-designed frame
  • Tektro V- brakes

Price: INR 29,000

6. Montra Blues 1.2 D

Montra Blues 1.2 D  is a great option for cyclists looking for a performance hybrid bicycle capable of long-distance riding. The Montra Blues comes with a build that provides optimal comfort while riding.


  • Comfortable riding position
  • Shimano Altus front derailleur, a Shimano Acera rear derailleur and Shimano Altus shifters.
  • Comfortable riding position
  • Mechanical Disc Brakes’

Price: INR 27,900

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