CEAT launches “Uthao Sawal Badlo Khayal” Campaign on the occasion of Women’s Day

CEAT Tyres, India’s leading tyre manufacturer, has launched a digital campaign called #UthaoSawalBadloKhayal on the occasion of the Women’s day.  As part of the campaign CEAT has released a digital video that highlights the need of change in the mind-set of the society on how it perceives women and their abilities.

The video showcases a young woman who is ready to get on her bike. She notices her male colleague struggling to find an auto and offers him a ride home, which he initially declines, not trusting a girl’s capability to ride safe. After being confronted by the young woman, he reluctantly agrees, for a pillion ride. During the ride his confidence builds up, as he notices the girl riding confidently. He initially holds his breath, but slowly lets go of it. In the final shot, the girl is seen riding freely with the guy, manoeuvring potholes deftly. The video ends with a call to action to encourage women to #UthaoSawalBadloKhayal.

Mr. Amit Tolani, Chief Marketing Officer CEAT Tyres Ltd, said, “Today’s women are breaking all sorts of barriers and stereotypes and succeeding in every sphere of life. This campaign is a small tribute from CEAT to all such women. The idea of this campaign is to build awareness of the biases that society still holds about women and their abilities and how we all can proactively change that mind set.”  

The video will be shared and amplified across CEAT’s social media and other digital platforms.