Citroën C3 Unveiled

To meet market demand in India, Citroën has chosen to adapt its usual design and production process by entrusting part of the style and development convergence phase to the teams in each region, in order to create a unique and bespoke vehicle. Incorporating knowledge of the Indian society, culture and needs makes New C3 a model designed, developed and produced in and for India.


New C3 marks the start of a new chapter for Citroën, with the creation of models that are both faithful to the spirit of the brand as well as carefully researched and developed with local teams in order to provide a practical response to specific market needs in India. New C3 is the first model from the “C Cubed” programme launched in 2019 – a family that plans to launch three vehicles with an international focus by 2024, based on three key criteria: the creation of a competitive, market-leading offering, with a strong style, a Citroën experience designed for on-board comfort, and benefiting from a design tailored to the specific needs of its intended countries.

These future Citroëns will be produced in the relevant regions with a very high level of local integration, reflecting our commitment in these countries and a strategy aimed at controlling costs in order to offer models faithful to the mainstream positioning of the brand: modern, high-quality vehicles with attractive styling and prestigious equipment, as well as a carefully researched overall purchase and running cost.

“C3 is our trade name for all of our B-segment hatchbacks around the world, which doesn’t mean it’s the same model everywhere. This New C3 differs from the European version as its design has been inspired by and for the countries in question, in order to offer a unique solution that fully conveys the Citroën identity. Purchasing a car is a major investment for customers and our ambition as a mainstream brand is to offer a modern, prestigious model offering a high level specification for the price, at the forefront of the market. In general terms, the challenge we set ourselves was to strike a balance to provide everything that customers need, while keeping the price range competitive. To achieve this, the local teams were fully involved in the definition, development and production of the model.”

Vincent Cobée – Citroën CEO

“The C3 is a very crucial part of our India growth journey and will be the backbone of our local development strategy. This car fits right into the heart of the Indian market where 70% of the demand for sub-4 metre cars and 50% of customers are first-time buyers. This segment has been growing rapidly and C3 will fit right in with its affordability and attractiveness. Our teams in India and Paris have collaborated and developed this car with over 90% localisation. Our ecosystem here includes a strong supplier base that enables right product positioning with high quality standards. We will be leveraging our R&D Centre in Chennai, Vehicle Assembly Plant at Thiruvallur and the Powertrain Plant at Hosur in the state of Tamil Nadu, in India to further boost localisation efforts. We have also built a world-class purchasing hub that we will leverage for ensuring uninterrupted part supplies and affordability. As we enter the mainstream segments, our network will expand for customers to experience the phygital La Maison Citroën showrooms and L’Atelier workshops in more and more cities.”

Roland Bouchara – CEO and MD for Stellantis in India

“The C3 is being introduced in a B-segment, which is highly competitive in India but has the potential to expand and grow further. It was important for us to stand out in this segment and create a differentiated and an aspirational car. This segment is seeing a lot of young buyers who want a sub-4 metre car, which is an extension of their personality. The C3 is positioned in that sweet spot and will appeal to the young generation of customers in India, who are looking for differentiated experiences. The C3 will appeal to car buyers who want the best in their life, in a balanced way, who like to enjoy life, while following new styles and fashions. These customers are fashionable, innovative and want their car to reflect their personality. This is where our customization strategy will play a big role – making a fashion statement to attract people who like to be stylish.”

Saurabh Vatsa – Citroën Brand Head, India


India is a new market for Citroën and one with significant potential that will soon be the third largest in the world. The brand announced its arrival in 2019 and launched its first import model at the start of 2021: C5 Aircross. As a new market player, Citroën is initially focusing on large metropolitan areas by offering a customer experience unprecedented in the automotive sector – network, sales website and innovative services – and highly digital. Citroën products will be positioned at the forefront of the Indian market, thanks to a strategy of high-level local integration (more than 90%) based on the two joint venture agreements between the Stellantis Group and the CK Birla Group (car assembly and distribution and power-train manufacturing).

The automotive market in India is growing rapidly and is expected to reach over four million cars sold annually by 2025. B-segment hatchbacks represent nearly 23% of this market. Buying a car is the second most important purchase after a house. It symbolises social success and a strong aspiration towards greater independence and mobility.

With its assertive design, New C3 will appeal to customers for whom their car is a reflection of their personality. A car that they can customise however they wish, which is a strong expectation on the Indian market. In addition, the compactness sub 4m size, agility, versatility, on-board space, comfort and connectivity will improve the experience in Indian road conditions, while Customisation choices will provide options for self-expression to  individuals according to their lifestyle. The New C3 will provide value offered by a vehicle with high visual appeal, distinct styling and competitive cost of ownership by being robust and practical to maintain on account of over 90% localisation. It will be an attractive and differentiated offering with modern, innovative options for connecting to the family’s smartphones, while reflecting their tastes and their personality.