First Bugatti Chiron of the US gets delivered at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

The first Bugatti Chiron of the US has been delivered at the ongoing Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, and we can’t stop drooling over again and again.


For those living under a rock till now, Chiron is the successor to the already crazy Veyron. Power comes from the same Quad-turbo 8 litre W16, but now, pumps 1500 hp. Right, 1500hp off the factory floors.

This one right here, spec in Yellow and Black is a looker, a showstopper for sure. If Bumblebee someday manages to have a son (or daughter, hear out feminists!!), its got to be this Chiron.

Trim sideline has been yellow-ed, so are the Classique wheels. This thing looks angry, sure does.


The yellow-black color scheme gets carried over to the interior. Black leather seats contrasted by the yellow; the c-shaped separation between the driver and passenger seat gets a yellow accent as well. This car does 420km/hr (it can go faster than that but the tyres limit it to a ‘safer’ 420km/hr) and it’d do so keeping you in a lap of utter luxury.


Obvious question arising; Price??

(*sobs*) US $2.998 million including shipping, taxes, duties and charges.



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