Hellcat gets bigger claws to grapple around

In 2014, Dodge baffled the automotive world by pumping in 707 horsepower in The then new 2014 Dodge Challenger Hellcat and Dodge Charger Hellcat. Tgese Hellcats replaced the outgoing SRT8 versions of the Challenger and the Charger. Now, these new Hellcats ran on 275/40 Pirelli P-Zero’s at all four corners, and did they smoke the tread off them with 707 horsepower and 650 Pound-feet of torque. Well, 650 Pound-feet translates to 880nm, which is a mind numbingly huge number. So you can very well imagine those poor P-Zeros and their short life. As much fun all the smoke and the ridiculous power was, it kept this Muscle Car from unleashing all its potential. The tyres felt overwhelmed by the power at every launch at the drags and ran out of grip at every turn at tracks.

Dodge decided that it was enough of fun from just slipping and smoking around. They gave the Challenger more rubber..


2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody

Taking inspiration from the higher-level-of-crazy Dodge Demon, the Hellcat Widebody gets the Demon’s 3.5 inch fender flares, to accomodate the 305/35 Pirelli P-Zero’s. These, mounted on unique 20×11 inch split 5 spoke aluminium wheels.

What does this additional traction result in??

This :

3.4 second for 0-60 mph , 0.3 seconds over the standard Hellcat’s 3.7 second time.

10.9 seconds to run the quarter mile, which beats the standard Hellcat’s 11.7 seconds time by 0.8 seconds.

The wider Pirellis generate 0.97 lateral g’s, 0.4 up from the earlier 0.93 g’s.

Dodge also wants the Challenger to be a track machine, given that the Challenger now gets Electric Power Steering with three modes, Street, Sport and Track.

Dodge says the Challenger gained 2 seconds of lap time over the slim-tyred Hellcat on some ‘1.7 mile race track’, which is a huge gain.

Sadly, we’re not getting any variant of a Hellcat, oh hell, we’re not getting any Dodge, but we sure can dream.If you plan to run to the U.S and settle there and buy a Hellcat Widebody, set $71945 aside for it.


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