How to prevent big-ticket Luxury Car Maintenance?

By Siddharth Chaturvedi, Founder & Managing Director, Boys and Machines

Buying a luxury car is a dream for any individual. The rush to experience luxury and sports cars is natural and burns a big hole in your pocket. The modern buyer can opt for an option of a pre-owned luxury car over a new one. They have several benefits like a high-class stature, upscale driving experience, low depreciation rate, and reliability factor you get. Now, buying a luxury car is one thing and maintaining it is another. You don’t want to show up in a fancy ride that makes weird noises. 

To get perspective, regular maintenance of luxury cars can easily top six figures. If there are significant problems, it can burn a bigger hole in your budget. Sometimes, we are not ready to spend insane amounts of money on maintenance, and we drive the car as is. This creates more problems and can significantly reduce the life span. What if there are ways we follow and never encounter big-ticket maintenance? What if we only choose reliable workshops and ensure complete quality compliance? All these questions are answerable with the right choice of maintenance house and regular check-ups of your prized possession. 

“Take care of your car in the garage, and the car will take care take of you on the road.”

Some of the key points to ensure smooth running and long life of your luxury car are:

  • Driving Style: Believe it or not, driving style plays a vital role in shaping your luxury car’s health. Sometimes you get an urge to test your powerful car’s limits. Giving too much stress can cause excess wear in the powertrain and cost you big tickets in your next maintenance. Try to hit a balance between regular rides and power-smacking rides. Driving carefully on city roads prevents any accidents. Accidents can cause a big dent in your mean metal and your pocket.
  • Preventive Maintenance: The term Preventive Maintenance means curing it at its roots. This means to go for a maintenance round before the car shows poor health symptoms like cranky noise, suspension noise, engine noise when starting up, and smoke from the exhaust. Tasks like oil change, filter change, coolant change, and proper lubrication can go a long way. These small checks and changes ensure a healthy life of the engine and overall systems. Scheduling regular maintenance in your go-to authorized luxury maintenance shop is the first step to take. These small but regular maintenance trips cost way less than a big problem if you don’t do regular check-ups.
  • Take care of that sophisticated interior: Most expensive rides features plush interior space with impeccable craftsmanship and high-quality materials. It would be best to use good leather polish and cleaner to ensure everything inside is pristine. Avoid parking under bright sunlight as too much UV rays exposure can lead to cracks in leather upholstery. 
  • Get Professional Service: Servicing luxury cars takes extra care, high-quality cleaning product usage, genuine parts, and professional technicians and engineers. Sometimes the major problems can be solved with little work by leveraging expertise. Genuine parts take care of the good health of the car in the long run. High-quality cleaning products gives the shine your luxury vehicle deserves. All these can be availed in exclusive luxury car workshops. 

Following these simple tips can prevent big bucks in repair and maintenance costs for your luxury car. Now, you can rejoice in every bit of the earned dream car without any worries. 

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