Hyundai Creta vs Tata Nexon


Creta and Nexon have been good performers in their respective segments. There is a significant price difference between both.  Creta is bigger and expensive compared to Nexon. So should you go for Nexon top-end model or is Creta worth the money? Let us discuss.


There are many variants available. Tata offers Nexon in 36 variants. Out of these, 18 are powered by Petrol and 18 are powered by Diesel. Creta comes in 17 variations (10 petrol and 7 diesel). Creta base model (petrol) starts at Rs 9.81 lakh whereas the top-end diesel variant costs 17.3 lakhs. Nexon base model (petrol) ranges at 7 lakhs and top-end model (diesel) ranges at 12.7 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi prices).


Both the SUVs in this comparison are quite different from each other. Now let’s see the features of these 2 cars.

The Creta is bigger in size and has a greater leg-room and boot space. Coming to safety, Tata Nexon is a clear winner. ABS is same but park assist with camera and sensor, front-rear fog lamps and rear defogger are available in Nexon. Nexon also has auto climate control with rear AC vents whereas Creta has Manual control option. Creta has a bigger touch screen of 10.2 inches.


Coming to performance, Creta has more powerful engines in all variants compared to Nexon. The powerful engines make driving easy in highways. There is an auto and manual variant in both cars. The Nexon has 209mm ground clearance and Creta has 190 mm ground clearance. The compact size of Nexon helps in better driving in cities. In the petrol and diesel engines of manual variants, Nexon has a slight edge in mileage.

Petrol engine
17.57 kmpl16.8 kmpl
Diesel engine
22.44 kmpl21.4 kmpl



Hyundai offers Creta in 10 colours whereas Nexon is available in 6 colours. Creta has a better design compared to Nexon. Nexon has better interiors compared to Creta. Due to bigger size, Creta can seat 3 at the back comfortably. Hyundai’s wider service network gives a better experience to the users. Nexon is a comparatively a newer car. It was launched in 2017 and Creta was launched in 2015.

Final verdict

As said above, both the SUVs are quite different from each other. Talking about size, space and power, Creta is better. Nexon is inexpensive and has additional features in the top end models compared to Creta. Both cars provide a great driving experience.

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