Hyundai Grand i10 Nios: Service Report

It has been almost half a year since the agile Hyundai Grand i10 Nios became a part of CarWale’s long-term fleet. Its nimbleness in urban traffic has consistently impressed, making daily commutes and errand runs effortless. With the odometer surpassing the 13,000km milestone, the time had come for its scheduled maintenance visit to the Hyundai service center.

Service Procedure Upon arrival at the service center with a pre-booked appointment, a comprehensive visual inspection of the vehicle was conducted by the service advisor. This inspection aimed to identify any exterior damage, fluid leaks, or abnormal tire wear. Following this assessment, the Nios underwent a brief test drive to evaluate its overall performance and detect any potential issues.

Post the pre-service test drive, the service advisor provided an overview of the routine maintenance tasks included in the scheduled service. The Nios was then assigned to a technician who began with the preliminary tests and maintenance procedures.

This involved draining the old engine oil and replacing it with fresh synthetic oil along with a new filter. Additionally, essential fluids such as engine coolant, brake fluid, and wiper washer fluid were checked and topped up. The air filter, responsible for safeguarding the engine from dust and debris, underwent thorough cleaning. Similarly, the AC filter, vital for maintaining clean and fresh cabin air, was also cleaned meticulously.

Furthermore, tire maintenance procedures, including alignment and rotation, were carried out. Regular tire rotation ensures even wear and tear, thereby prolonging tire lifespan. Wheel alignment optimizes tire contact with the road surface, enhancing ride quality.

Identified Issues While the routine service addressed standard maintenance requirements, a few outstanding concerns persisted. During a recent outdoor shoot, the front left tire sustained damage from a sharp object, necessitating a replacement. However, the specific tire size and TPMS sensor were not readily available at the service center, requiring a separate appointment for their installation. Despite this inconvenience, ensuring the Nios receives its new tires remains a priority.