Mahindra introduces a set of industry first service offerings for its BLAZO HCV truck customers

Mahindra Truck and Bus division (MTBD), a part of the USD 19 billion Mahindra Group, today on March 9, 2018, has introduced a set of first service offerings for the truck owners. The company has basically set a new benchmark by promising the lowest cost of ownership in the trucking industry.  In this article, we will give you guys an idea of how Mahindra has been able to keep their word about their service offerings for the BLAZO HCV truck customers.

First things first Mahindra has increased oil change intervals that are class leading or comparable to be best in class, leading to significant saving of 9% Per annum for transporters. The second comes to the reduced oil prices which make Mahindra trucks most affordable and ensuring an overall 18% savings per annum for transporters. Then comes the 6 years/6 lakh KMS warranty on Mahindra BLAZO. Mahindra also guarantees service support in many ways – 48 hours uptime guarantee, 2 hours reach guarantee on Mumbai Delhi Corridor, 36 hours turnaround guarantee at its dealerships. The new set of service offerings guarantees the availability of all critical maintenance parts from its part plazas and dealerships or offers them for free. Mahindra’s total network strength stands at 92 nos. 3s dealerships, 129 authorised service centres and 2900 roadside assistance points; in addition to a spares network of 2069 retail outlets, with 24 exclusive strategically located Parts Plazas.

What Mahindra is trying to do with this all first customer benefits is that it provides truck owners with the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to the actual cost of ownership. These offerings and service benefits will probably make Mahindra BLAZO one of the best value for money brands and a brand of choice in the trucking industry soon.

Seeing the rising oil prices and stagnant freight rates these days, these particular offerings could be the game changer in the Indian Road Transport, Something Mahindra has attempted through its focus on customer centricity and alternative thinking. Since its inception, MTBD has been making rapid strides in its segment, with a challenger mindset. And to be honest they are doing quite good having scaled No.3 position in the certain segments and an overall No.4 position in the Indian HCV industry.