Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG showcased in India

Surprising us ahead of its public debut at Bharat Mobility Show 2024, the Mercedes-Benz EQG concept has been officially unveiled in India and is confirmed for an India launch once the production version is ready.

The Concept EQG, the future of Mercedes’ iconic G-Wagon with an electric power plant, retains the boxy SUV silhouette with modern touches like the LED grille, full LED headlamps, and taller wheels. The spare tire at the back has been replaced with space for charging cables and is now rectangular.

The cabin, with all the signs of the G-Class but a newer design, includes dual digital displays, a stacked center console, and round air vents. It offers an elevated stance and excellent visibility thanks to the large glass house.

Mercedes has not disclosed details about motors and batteries officially, but it is known to have individual motors on each wheel on both axles, providing four-wheel drive, articulation, and tank turn ability. The expected range is 500km.