Montra E-bicycle launched at the price of INR.27,279

Montra has launched their first electric bike specially designed to make the short-distance commute comfortable and convenient. The E-bicycle will be offered at the price of Rs.27,279 making it an affordable and effective solution for daily travel. With this introduction, Montra aims to resolve the inconvenience of waiting for public transport or the hassle of looking for parking at short distances by providing a comfortable and convenient ride to one’s destination.

Montra E-bicycle is built on a lightweight alloy frame that is easy to maneuver. With a dual-mode, it allows the user to toggle between manual and electric mode as per their convenience. The provision of an electric braking system ensures effective and smooth braking as it cuts off the motor power upon application of brakes.

The pandemic has instilled a fear of traveling by public transport and many took to using their own vehicles even for short distances. However, given the traffic and parking situations, this wasn’t the most feasible option. Montra took this insight and specially crafted its own E-Bicycle to cater to the audience traveling short distances. On an average, e-bicycles will run at the rate of avg.7 paise per km while reducing individual carbon footprint significantly and saving hours of waiting for time (public transport, refueling, traffic) for the end consumer.

Commenting on the Montra E-bicycles launch, Mr. Vellayan Subbiah, MD, Tube Investments of India said, “The Short distance commute segment is dependent on choice and availability of public transport for most of us. With the launch of Montra E-bicycle, we want to give our customers independence from the waiting period as they ride to their destination. With electric being the future of mobility, e-bicycle shall become the most after sought mobility solution among the urban commuters. A recent research suggests that, India’s e-cycles market is projected to grow to USD 2.08 million by 2026 at a CAGR of 12.69 per cent, which is significantly huge and an untapped potential. As a brand, Montra has always been a customer centric brand – from being the first ones to use a carbon frame in the cycles in India to making the electric cycles light weight today for rapid, smooth, and easier transportation. With our new Montra E-bicycle product offering, we are sure to expand our family of customers, who are looking for quality and short distance every day commute.”

With the country moving towards sustainable mobility, TI cycles promote the use of Bikes to cut down on the carbon emission. With electric cycles, the user can travel longer distances without exerting oneself as compared to manual cycles, reducing their carbon footprint. By providing a cost-effective solution, Montra E-Bicycle encourages the youth to be a part of the future.