Okinawa Praise Launch & Much More

The Okinawa company added another feather to its cap by introducing a new scooter in its range – The Praise Scooter. So whats special with this scooter and this company everyone wonders.

What apart from speed , style and comfort , can an electric scooter offer. The Okinawa Praise offers you answers ,  lets see how


Three Riding Modes- Eco, Sport, Turbo.

The rider can choose between three modes Eco- 35kmph, Sport- 65kmph, Turbo- 75kmph.


It actually has Turbo button

We will be able to understand the full utility of this when we review this scooter.


The Disc Brake

Just like our readers we too got curious to know why does a electric scooter having 75 kmph as a top speed has been given a Disc Brake.  When we spoke to Jeetender Sharma, MD, Okinawa Scooters about this, he explained that the its becuase of two reasons, firstly the weight of the scooter owing to the heavy battery and secondly the costumer feedback that they got from Ridge scooter (Launched in January 2017 ) .They saw a need and demand for Disc Brakes in this scooter.



The LED headlight Cluster

The LED Headlight is to be first in its class of Electric scooter. We will update you more after our review.

The Pillion Backrest

The Backrest comes as an add-on comfort feature for the pillion after a stressful day at work.

Two battery options

The Praise comes with two battery options, 72V/45 Ah VRLA battery and an optional Lithium-ion Battery. The VRLA battery takes 6-8 hours to charge fully and Lithium-ion Battery takes 1-2 hours. This also come in line with the talks with government to explore the possiblity to provide charging points around the city and rural areas.

We might get to use such stations in India in near future.

The 170-200 Ride Range

The scooter is said to cover the distance of 170-200 kms in one full charge. The longest range said to be in its class of electric scooters.

The First Electric Scooter being loaned

The Okinawa has now tie up with a bank so taking loan for a electric scooter has become easy which was difficult otherwise.

More Launches coming from Okinawa’s side

We did hear whispers about a upcoming bike from Okinawa, stay tuned for more updates.

Why should you buy an Okinawa Praise?





Battery Options

Financing Option

Why should we wait?

Well we don’t see any reason as the Praise doesn’t have any competitors in its class right now.


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