OTUA EV Cargo Three-wheeler launched at Rs.3.5 lakh


The OTUA EV by Dandera Ventures is designed grounds up to be an EV cargo carrier for last-mile delivery services

Dandera Ventures has launched the OTUA EV cargo carrier in India at RS.3.5 lakh. Available in two variants, the top variant costs Rs. 5.5 lakh.  Dandera Ventures is a Haryana-based commercial EV manufacturer and is a part of Xponents Venture Studio.

What Is It?

The OTUA EV by Dandera Ventures is designed grounds up to be an EV cargo carrier for last-mile delivery services. It features a class-leading maximum load carrying capacity of 900kg. Keeping in view the ever-increasing demand for EV commercial vehicles, the OTUA comes with the highest load volume of 183CC and the highest range on a single charge at 165km. The range is further expandable to 300kms.  To aid greater operating efficiency, it features an aerodynamic body that the manufacturer claims to have a 25% lesser aerodynamic drag than its rivals. Keeping up with modern technological needs, the OTUA EV also gets connected vehicle tech with a Driver and Fleet Management App. It also gets the widest cabin for driver comfort, and also air-conditioning.

The OTUA EV is a 100% indigenous product, with all the parts and components, including the batteries designed and manufactured in India. This ensures parts availability and assistance, while also being a boost to India’s dream of self-sufficiency in a key industrial sector. The OTUA EV sits in the Electric Three Wheeler CV which accounted for 43% of commercial EV sales in India.

Sarth Jain, Founder of Xponents said, “The launch of OTUA marks a major step in Dandera’s journey to develop a complete ecosystem for the transition of last-mile delivery logistics to electric vehicles, serving the needs for both B2B and B2C logistics. OTUA’s launch has the potential to fundamentally change the way intracity and in-city distribution is executed, and the impact it has on our environment. The team at Dandera will continue to work on design innovation and developing newer technologies for more efficient and widely usable EVs.”

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