Range Rover Velar prices announced for India; Starts at Rs.78.83 lakh

Land Rover has announced the prices for their latest addition to the fleet of vehicles for India; the smooth and sinister looking Range Rover Velar.

Prices start from Rs 78.83 lakh for the 2.0L petrol as well as diesel variant. The Velar fills up the space between the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport of the Range Rover series from Land Rover.

The Velar will be launched with three powertrain options, a 2L petrol, a 2L diesel and a 3L diesel. The 2L petrol is a 4 cylinder engine developing 184kW power; while the 2L diesel, also a 4 cylinder, makes 132kW. The range topping 3L diesel is a V6, making 221kW power.

here’s the price list* for the 2018 Range Rover Velar, for India:

  • 2.0 l Diesel (D180): 78.83
  • 2.0 l  Diesel (D180) R-Dynamic: 80.76
  • 2.0 l Diesel (D180) S: 83.25
  • 2.0 l Diesel (D180) R-Dynamic S: 85.18
  • 2.0 l Diesel (D180) SE: 85.21
  • 2.0 l Diesel (D180) R-Dynamic SE: 87.14
  • 2.0 l Diesel (D180) HSE: 89.93
  • 2.0 l Diesel (D180) R-Dynamic HSE: 91.86
  • 2.0 l Petrol (P250): 78.83
  • 2.0 l Petrol (P250) R-Dynamic: 80.76
  • 2.0 l Petrol (P250) S: 83.25
  • 2.0 l Petrol (P250) R-Dynamic S: 85.18
  • 2.0 l Petrol (P250) SE: 85.21
  • 2.0 l Petrol (P250) R-Dynamic SE: 87.14
  • 2.0 l Petrol (P250) HSE: 89.93
  • 2.0 l Petrol (P250) R-Dynamic HSE: 91.86
  • 3.0 l Diesel (D300): 110.66
  • 3.0 l Diesel (D300) R-Dynamic: 113.01
  • 3.0 l Diesel (D300) S: 116.04
  • 3.0 l Diesel (D300) R-Dynamic S: 118.39
  • 3.0 l Diesel (D300) SE: 118.43
  • 3.0 l Diesel (D300) R-Dynamic SE: 120.78
  • 3.0 l Diesel (D300) HSE: 124.18
  • 3.0 l Diesel (D300) R-Dynamic HSE: 126.53
  • 3.0 l Diesel (D300) First Edition: 137.53

*Ex-Showroom prices ( Rs, prices in lakh)


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