Rest In Peace Ángel Nieto

Spanish Motorcycle Champion Ángel Nieto breathe his last on 3rd August 2017. He succumbed to injuries sustained in a quad bike accident in Ibiza some days before, he was hit by a car and was taken to the hospital with a head trauma. He was in medically induced coma since then.  He was 70 years old.


Being superstitious he was popularly known as Ángel Nieto 12+1 , he had won 13 world championships. His record of 90 Grand Prix victories is third only to the 122 by Giacomo Agostini, and the 115 of Valentino Rossi .

Team Motoarc extends its deepest condolences to Nieto’s family and friends as we bid farewell to a true giant of motorcycling history who will be greatly missed.

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