Revfin and Shoffr Set to Redefine Urban Mobility and Financial Inclusion


Revfin, a leading force in improving financial inclusion in India, and Shoffr, a premium EV taxi service based out of Bangalore, have announced a joint milestone after Shoffr’s successful completion of its first year in operation.

Since its launch in November 2022, Shoffr has established itself as the gold standard of rides with its high quality service, friendly drivers, and dedication to guests. In partnership with Revfin, which initially provided Shoffr with four BYD e6 electric vehicles, Shoffr’s fleet has now been bootstrapped to an impressive 40+ electric vehicles, all BYD e6. This growth reflects the dedication and vision shared between Revfin and Shoffr to transform urban mobility.

Shoffr’s fleet has not only grown in size but also excelled in performance metrics, with asset utilisation levels remaining consistently above 75%. The Shoffr fleet has now covered more than a million clean kilometers across thousands of rides, underscoring the commitment to providing efficient and sustainable transport solutions in Bangalore.

Moreover, both Revfin and Shoffr recognize the impact on drivers, promoting a friendlier work environment, better pay, and improved quality of life, thus contributing to societal betterment.

Environmental impact has been a key focus for the partnership. Together, they aim to scale operations not just in Bangalore but beyond, with a vision to deploy a fleet of electric vehicles that will significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Vision and Collaborative Efforts:

The joint vision of Revfin and Shoffr aims to revolutionize the transportation sector by deploying a fleet that not only enhances customer experience but also contributes to environmental sustainability. Their shared commitment involves enhancing urban mobility while reducing the carbon footprint, marking a crucial step towards a more sustainable future.

Sameer Aggarwal, CEO, and Founder at Revfin says, “Through our partnership with Shoffr, we’re not just redefining transportation; we’re transforming the landscape of urban mobility. Our joint efforts mark a significant stride towards a future where financial inclusion and sustainable transportation go hand in hand.”

Vikas Bardia, Founder & CEO of Shoffr says, “Shoffr has come a long way in just one-year to establish itself as the gold standard of rides and become a favourite of commuters in Bangalore. RevFin has been an early believer in Shoffr, and we’re delighted to strengthen our partnership as we grow.”

Both Revfin and Shoffr are excited about the future. The joint plans include expanding their presence in Bangalore and other metro cities, focusing on enhancing the quality of service, bolstering environmental sustainability, and creating a more inclusive urban transport system.