Revolt RV400 electric motorcycle can now be pre-booked on

Revolt RV400

The Revolt RV400 unveiled on 25th June, has got 2500 bookings already.

Revolt Intellicorp has paired with Amazon for bookings of its electric bike, The RV400. Customers can now pre-book their bike for a booking amount of Rs. 1000.

Revolt RV400  is  India’s first AI-enabled electric bike, the company says. It indeed is a good looking bike which doesn’t stray much away from traditional bike designs but has brilliant modern touches. Revolt has developed the Revolt App which will let one operate the features of the bike. Speaking of which, it gets features like ‘Bike Locator’, ‘door-step battery delivery’, ‘mobile swap stations’, ‘anti-theft’. But, our absolute favorite is the ‘Sound selection and Preview’ feature. Basically, you can select what your bike should sound like when riding. It comes pre-installed with exhaust notes to choose from. Beat that!

Shubhodip Pal, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Revolt Intellicorp Pvt. Ltd said, “We believe there is a lot of opportunities that exist in the online retail space that has been untouched. Following the recent e-revolution that has just begun, we wanted to go beyond traditional retail and widen the width of our distribution. The look of the motorcycle has created a lot of excitement, particularly with the Generation (wh)Y. In yet another disruption, Revolt Intellicorp is happy to partner with Amazon India, the perfect platform to reach our consumers. However, we also understand that the day of vehicle delivery is an important tradition in India, so when it is time for us to deliver, our customers will be in for a big surprise!”

Revolt says the RV400 has garnered so much interest among youngsters that people are willingly pre-booking their bikes without knowing the exact price and specifications of the bike. Now, its a matter of time to see how does Revolt Intellicorp deliver on the excitement.

To pre-book your RV400 on, click here

Know more about Revolt Intellicorp on their website

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