Steps You Should Follow to Keep your car clean and Coronavirus-Free

We all know that Coronavirus has changed the life of Everyone. The Novel COVID-19 is serious and deadly, and flu should be taken seriously. Both the COVID-19 and various seasonal flu strains can be especially dangerous for seniors with underlying conditions as well as children.

The Corona Cases are increasing day by day in India and also in other countries. To stop the spread of this virus, we all should keep hands and vehicles clean. Here we are with some of the tips to keep your car clean and COVID-19 virus free.

1. What to Keep in your car:

  • Sanitary Wipes or Spray: These are the great wiping spray to keep clean dash and doors of the car. Think before using bleach wipes because the chemicals could damage the interior of the car.
  • Hand Sanitizer: To Stop the spread of the virus and germs you should keep hand sanitizer inside of your car. Before the use of the steering wheel and the buttons of the car, you should use the sanitizer. You should use the Sanitizer which contains at least 60% alcohol.
  • Tissue Papers: Use tissue paper after you sneeze or cough. Using tissue paper will help to stop the spread of the virus. Also, keep a small trash bag to keep used tissue papers.

2. Clean and Disinfect:

The Virus can spread by frequently touched surfaces which include vehicles, steering wheel, and other daily usable products. You should keep clean and disinfect these daily usable things to stop the spread of the viruses. Here is the list of some tips to do to keep your car clean and Coronavirus free-

  • Use microfiber cloths to clean windows and the dashboard.
  • Pay attention to the A/C vents, Floor Mats and the trunk.
  • Buy specific wipes available made for cleaning the car’s leather.
  • Keep clean the exterior and interior door handles, gear shifter, function-buttons, rearview mirrors, cupholders.
  • The most touched part of the car is the Steering Wheel, keep clean and use sanitizer before and after the use of it.

3. Keep Clean Seats and Child-Safety Seats:

The Major place where the viruses can hide is car seats. Car seats can hold a lot of germs and viruses. To prevent the spread of viruses we should keep seats clean. Here are some tips you should do to keep your seat virus and germs free-

  • Don’t forget to change the seat cover regularly(twice in a week).
  • Read the user manual before doing anything because any wrong step can affect the seat quality.
  • Try not to wash the seat belt straps in the washing machine, it can affect its fiber strength and wash away fire retardants.
  • Use clean and sanitized seat cover.
  • Also, keep clean the child-safety seats.

Also, Keep Clean Your Hands, use sanitizer and masks to prevent the spread of this virus. Don’t Travel unless it is important.