Tata Group aims at reaching all sections of our automotive world by Tata Autocomp’s ‘CHECK-THE-MECH’ Health Camp for mechanics of our country

Tata Autocomp Systems Ltd, one of India’s largest auto component manufacturer, along with Tata Green Batteries recently conducted ‘Check-The-Mech’ health camp for motor mechanics and technicians across major cities of our country.

The aim of this health camp was to spread awareness about health and hygiene among the community of mechanics of India. It is often that we see the garages we visit lack basic amenities and the mechanics working there undertake practices that are harmful for health; and one’s that dont really make up a hygienic workplace to be in.

Expressing his views on the campaign, Mr. Ajay Tandon, MD & CEO, Tata AutoComp Systems Ltd. said: “Tata AutoComp is responsible and sensitive to the communities and environments in which it operates. While we are committed towards the well-being of the community at-large, we understand the importance of organizing health camps for sections of the society who tend to ignore these important check-ups owing to inaccessibility and lack of awareness. ‘Check-The-Mech’ is a step in this direction. We will continue our endeavor and undertake similar initiatives aimed at the well-being of communities and environment we operate in.”

Sharing details of the camp, Mr. Ravi Gupta CEO Tata AutoComp GY Batteries, said “Free medical test includes clinical examination including pulse, blood pressure, vision, height and weight monitoring along with systematic examination for hemogram and urine.”

Till date 1263 mechanics across 12 cities have benefited from these camps. While Chandigarh witnessed the highest participation with 290 participants, 173 were present in Delhi NCR. Apart from medical tests, counseling sessions by doctors wherein participants were apprised about the ill-effects of tobacco consumption were also conducted.

This campaign will be conducted across more cities across the country for the benefit of many more, with Tata aiming to cover all the cities and towns of the country.

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