Tata Motors inaugurates new vehicle scrapping facility in Chandigarh

Tata Motors has inaugurated a new Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility (RVSF) in Chandigarh. This is the fourth RVSF from the brand, following the success of the three other facilities – in Jaipur, Bhubaneshwar, and Surat. The new RVSF has the capacity to recycle 12,000 vehicles annually.

Unveiled by Shailesh Chandra, Managing Director, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility, this new scrapping facility is developed and operated by Tata Motors’ partner, Dada Trading Company. It uses environmentally friendly processes to scrap passenger and commercial vehicles of all brands.Commenting on the occasion, Shailesh Chandra, said, ‘Today marks a significant milestone as we unveil the scrappage facility in Chandigarh. Tata Motors has always been at the forefront of embracing innovation and sustainability to shape the future of the automotive industry. This state-of-the-art facility not only emphasises our unwavering commitment to responsible manufacturing but also represents our dedication to creating a greener and cleaner environment. The establishment of the fourth such facility is a testament to our relentless pursuit of reducing carbon emissions, promoting a circular economy, and cultivating a culture of recycling. By encouraging vehicle owners to retire their older, more polluting commercial and passenger vehicles, we are taking a monumental leap towards a more sustainable future. Through this initiative, we aspire to drive the adoption of newer, safer and more fuel-efficient vehicles, in alignment with our vision of a cleaner and healthier planet.”