Tata partners with HPCL to expand EV charging network

Tata Motors’ electric division (TPEM) has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL) to enhance the network of public charging stations across India. This partnership aims to utilize HPCL’s extensive network of fuel stations to establish chargers strategically in areas frequented by Tata EV owners, thereby enhancing accessibility to charging infrastructure. Additionally, HPCL will collect data on charger usage to enhance the overall electric vehicle (EV) customer experience.

The collaboration between TPEM and HPCL seeks to facilitate EV adoption by introducing conveniences such as RFID cards to streamline the charging process. HPCL, with its vast network of 21,500 fuel stations nationwide, plans to install 5000 EV charging stations by December 2024, contributing significantly to the development of charging infrastructure. Meanwhile, TPEM, with its range of four EV models, aims to support both charging station providers and EV owners by bolstering the charging ecosystem.

In a recent development, HPCL has placed an order for 1500 fast EV chargers from Servotech, a Delhi-based EV technology company. With an investment of approximately 102 crore, HPCL is committed to manufacturing, supplying, and installing DC EV chargers across the country, prioritizing their retail outlets. This initiative underscores HPCL’s dedication to promoting EV adoption and fostering the growth of sustainable mobility solutions in India.