Tesla back in talks for India operations

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Last it had been a major blow for the EV scene in India when Tesla withdrew its plans to invest in India and build a plant from where it manufactures cars not just for India but to export to other markets too. However, new reports indicate that the talks have resumed with Tesla officials conducting a meeting with Central Government officials on Wednesday.

Setting up a factory

Reports suggest that while the main issue of lowering import taxes was not brought up, plans for a local facility were discussed though when are where is yet to come into the light. India currently has three major clusters in Tamil Nadu in the south, Maharashtra in the west and Rajasthan in the North. Given the natural progression of how Tesla would start its operation by importing parts, having a facility close to a seaport would work to its advantage. Talks were also held on battery assembly as well as production.

Tesla range

Tesla was one of the world’s first dedicated EV manufacturers starting operations in 2009 with the Tesla Roadster. It currently produces the Model S, Model 3, Model X crossover and Model Y as a part of its official lineup.