Top electric scooters in India and why we need them now, by Mr. Dhivik A

We know life is back to normal, almost, and you probably landed here to research on the next bike you can own. But before we showcase our list of top electric scooters, we think it is crucial to establish the argument on why we really need to ditch the traditional vehicles and consciously choose eco-friendly transport alternatives.

Right before India went under lockdown in 2020, its air quality was a national debate for all the wrong reasons. The bad air quality was held as the primary culprit behind rising numbers of breathing issues and other health problems. But if we think deeply, can we really pin the air quality as the reason for all the problems? No! COVID-19 that forced humans to stay within their homes gave us a clear answer to this question. With restricted road movement, the environment began to heal itself. People across the country took to social media to share their “magical moments” of spotting farsighted natural beauties. For instance, residents in Jalandhar could spot the Himalayan range from the roofs of their homes that were more than 100 miles away.

As we got the opportunity to sit back and re-look our lives and witnessed the environment replenish itself, we knew it’s time to alter many things. And it can all begin with making the right choices. So, as you are enthusiastic about owning a new shiny scooter, we recommend considering the following options that would match your expectations without harming nature.

Hero Electric Optima

Hero, as a brand, needs no introduction. For decades, the brand has been offering varied dependable vehicles to a large section of our country. Many of us bought our first vehicles from Hero, trusting we will have a smooth experience and top-rated service. And we were not disappointed. Hero offers a vast range of electric scooters across different budgets with a profound understanding of future needs. Hero Electric Optima is one of the finest options from the brand. Powered by 550 – 1200 W Motor, the scooter takes up to 5 hours to get fully charged. It is available in two variants- STD and ER.

Enigma Crink

Enigma is a revolutionary brand that began its operations in 2016, focusing on inventing new eco-friendly transport options for Indians. The co-founders, Anmol and Alankrit Bhore (who are also real brothers) started Enigma with the sole purpose of offering affordable electric vehicles in India. Currently, the brand has three variants in electric scooters – Crink, GT450, and Amber. All three variants come with two battery options, including lithium-ion, which is extremely powerful. Powered by BLDC Motor 250 Watt, the scooter offers a battery life of up to 4 hours for a complete charge that lasts up to 140 km. By far, Enigma offers the most cost-effective electric scooters in India.


Go GreenBOV is an electric two-wheeler manufacturing company that emerged from the Go GreenEOT in 2011. The company vertically integrates profound knowledge and deep-tech in batteries to provide tremendous yield per vehicle. It truly believes in building innovation that can transform the way energy is seen or used. Their aim is to lend nature a helping hand by reducing pollution by one degree every year. The corporate features great scooters are available in the market, including Kavach, Sunoti, Kimaya.


EeVe India is an electrical Two-Wheeler manufacturing company that empowers ecological sustainability with its futuristic, noise, and emissions-free vehicle. The product variants by EeVe are designed to fit the Indian two-wheeler users and the market. EeVe is ideal for utility, style, and luxury, as simple as that. Currently, with a strength of quite 90 touchpoints pan India, EeVe has six product variants within the market; Atreo, Ahava, Xeniaa, Wind, 4U & Your. 

TVS iQube

It is one of the top-rated electric scooters from the TVS brand. It hits high on the style note and is popular for its amazing performance. The scooter registers its top speed at 78 km/hour and is quite comfortable to balance. It demands 5 hours of charging to be fully charged and auto cut-off when the charging is complete. Therefore, there is no chance of overcharging or overheating. You can also carry the charging cable with ease in special storage created within the scooter. Although, if your average commute is up to 30 km a day, then one complete charge will give you 2 days of travel.

We do hope you begin your next ride by making the right choice!

Mr. Dhivik A.
Having finished his engineering from RVCE, Bangalore he set out on the green quest in the space of automotive. Has a great interest in Energy as a sector. One of the top contributors to the field of lithium discussion. The energy with electric vehicles is used for mobility. The electric vehicle division is being sold to consumers as Go GreenBOV (Battery Operated Vehicles). Go GreenBOV voted as top 11 startups by Entrepreneur Magazine. Current products have found a great acceptance from Students to Old people. Basically with an engineering background has been the main cause for developing business for three MNC companies (before their launch in India) as a brand consultant and go to market advisor. His ability to think out of the box is attributed to his success as a brand consultant prior to starting Go GreenBOV. One amongst the first few divemasters in India and an avid surfer. Holds 6 patents to his name in the field of batteries and battery technology.