Tork Motors adds ECO+ ride mode in Kartos R Series

Tork Motors

Pune: TORK Motors, India’s first electric motorcycle manufacturer, continues to push boundaries in the segment by introducing an all-new ECO+ ride mode on its KRATOS R flagship. This new ride mode extends the bike’s range, allowing riders to easily extract 150+ km from a single charge in urban riding conditions.

This new ride mode furthers the KRATOS R’s real-world range closer to its IDC figure of 180km/charge.  The ECO+ mode adds to the versatility that the KRATOS R already offered with its three riding modes; ECO, CITY & SPORT. Riders can now better explore the complete spectrum of performance as well as efficiency from the KRATOS R.

ECO+, with its limited top speed of 35km/h is perfectly suited for riders riding primarily in the city where the need for efficiency trumps performance, which is also limited by factors like congestion and heavy traffic.

Highlighting the new feature, Kapil Shelke, Founder & CEO, TORK Motors said, “The addition of ECO+ mode comes as a result of ask from our customers. People riding in city demanded more range in certain riding conditions while having the option to quickly switch to higher performance when needed. We added the ECO+ mode to offer them flexibility and enhance the versatility of the package that the KRATOS R already provided. Depending on their mood, riders can extract the maximum range with this mode or unleash the full potential of the motorcycle in SPORT mode at the flick of a switch. And then, we also have an ECO and CITY mode for riders wanting to find middle grounds.”

Every new KRATOS R will come equipped with these four dynamic riding modes, along with an additional reverse mode designed to add to the convenience, especially during parking. The ECO+ mode will also be made available to existing KRATOS R owners.

At the heart of the KRATOS R lies the patented 9kW ‘Axial Flux’ motor, boasting a peak torque of 38 Nm and an extraordinary 96% efficiency rating. Paired with an IP67 rated 4.0 kWh Li-ion battery pack, this powertrain combination is the secret behind the impressive IDC range of 180km.

Renowned for its trendsetting design and robust powertrain, the KRATOS R continues to stand tall as the premium urban motorcycle that excels in both performance, efficiency and handling. TORK Motors continues to push the boundaries of electric motorcycle innovation, making the KRATOS R the ultimate choice for riders seeking not only eco-consciousness but also a thrilling and stylish riding experience.