Trak N Tell Intelli Play: Being a car thief is now a tough job

Gurgaon based IoT startup Track N Tell showcased its product Intelli Play at the Auto Expo ’18 that concluded last week.

On the look of it, it looks as a normal infotainment system, with a 7″ HD touch-screen system having all the features like 4.1 output with support for popular media formats including MP3, WAV, MP4, AVI, and WMV. You can play media through Auxiliary Port (Aux cable), USB as well as Bluetooth. It also has Google Maps real time navigation system integrated in it.

But, this is a sleeper of an infotainment system, with a lot of intelligent car security gimmicks. It gets a real-time tracker, so you always know where exactly your vehicle goes if happen to not be travelling in it at a point of time.

Apart from juat tracking, the Intelli Play offers network agnostic two way calling with eavesdropping feature. This is a critical need for the logistic industry, where the company/owner needs to know every detail and whereabouts as to whom the driver calls and details of the calls made. James Bond stuff!

There’s more though. Intelli Play offers two cameras, a reverse camera and a dashboard camera, which lets you see whats happening around the car, even from miles away. That means you can sit at your home/office and keep watch real time as to where the car is moving. Also, the device lets you know if the car is moved from its parking spot; makes a call for you if there is an impact to your vehicle (accident scenario); immobilizes the car if it is lifted. What more, it also reminds you of if the car needs a service by monitoring the engine health.

You also get 4G Wi-Fi hotspot, built-in odometer, onboard flash memory, and an in-built battery backup. Pranshu Gupta, Founder & CEO, Trak N Tell, said, “In an increasingly connected world, we are relying on an intersection of various technologies to provide unique, composite solutions. Operating as we are to deploy telematics on vehicles, we wanted to explore the possibility of a product that resolved every conceivable need of a vehicle owner. The new Intelli Play system is the result of that endeavour – a unique intersection of different technologies, meeting different customer needs, and doing so in a manner that pushes the envelope of what a user can expect from automobile-oriented gadgetry and systems.”

So there you are. Instead of the wasteful chilly-lemon-string or gothic-black-doll combination you use to ‘ensure’ safety of your cars, this is what should actually be installed to the cars. An actual security system that will work.

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