Volkswagen Motorsport and Wheels India merged to develop forged alloy wheels

Volkswagen Motorsport and Wheels India Limited have merged to develop forged alloy wheels for the Vento TC4-A  touring car 


Volkswagen Motorsport
Courtesy: Team BHP

Volkswagen Motorsport’s touring car Vento TC4 A will be available for the road from this weekend onwards. Now this car will have a better competitive advantage of getting forged alloy wheels which would be developed by Wheels India Limited and Volkswagen Motorsport technological collaboration.

What benefits would the new wheels have? 

black forged alloy wheel


Of course, it will be more beneficial to the aspect of structural rigidity, strength, and weight. The forged alloy wheel would be 60% stronger than the one used now that is cast wheel. Additionally, it would have an unsprung weight benefit of about 1.5-2.0 kilograms per wheel, and we all know that the weight balance of the car is a key factor for the car to perform on road with agility and swiftness.

A normal engineer can also explain to you the reason of this acquired strength of forged alloy wheel. But for the layman, the finite grain structure of the forged object becomes denser which ultimately results in better strength and lesser weight.

The development and manufacturing of these wheels will take place in the manufacturing facility of Wheels India Limited in Chennai. The monetary advantage for the Vento TC4 A will be that the tires need not be imported from UK and Germany from now and the demand could be fulfilled by the local supplier which is known for developing high-quality wheels for motorsport.