Yokohama donated Scrap Tyres to be Re-Used as Dog Beds

Press Release:

Yokohama India Pvt. Ltd, donated around 190 factory scrap tyres to Neighbourhood Woof – an NGO, in order to provide durable and comfortable beds for stray dogs in the shelter.

Neighbourhood Woof was started by Ayesha Christina, helps local stray dogs that got injured or had an accident also drives sterilization and vaccination programs. “For 6 years we struggled to find a sustainable winter arrangement for our dogs that could be washed, disinfected and re-used. Thanks to Yokohama for giving us Factory scrap for re-use” said Ayesha.

“Yokohama India is one of the lowest scrap ratio plants of the Yokohama Group. We follow very stringent quality control processes and tyres which do not meet our standards are scrapped. When approached by Neighbourhood Woof, we instantly knew that this would be one of the best possible Re-uses of the factory scrap – to comfort a Man’s Best Friend in the chilling winter of Delhi” said Harshwardhan Honmode – Director Marketing at Yokohama India.