ZF Aftermarket continues to expand in India and takes customer centricity to the next level

ZF Aftermarket continues its expansion in India and the country becomes a hub for TRW’s shock absorber manufacturing expertise through its manufacturing facility in the region. ZF Aftermarket made significant strides in expanding its product and solutions range for the Indian market by introducing TRW shock absorbers, brake pads, and brake discs. In line with its ‘Make in India’ for India commitment, ZF is now focused on fortifying its TRW shock absorber manufacturing capabilities in India, with a focus on cultivating a highly skilled talent pool to not only manufacture but also research, develop, and design in the country.

TRW Shock Absorbers – An Aftermarket Leader

In the ever-evolving landscape of Next Generation Mobility, ZF Aftermarket stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. The introduction of TRW local shock absorbers production is a testament to ZF’s commitment to keeping businesses in motion. As fleets strive to become leaner, greener, and safer, it plays a pivotal role in reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for fleet operators. ZF Aftermarket understands the diverse needs of its customers, and its extensive range of OE (Original Equipment) quality products and service solutions ensures that businesses trust them to deliver not just for today but also for the future. With a futureproofed approach, ZF Aftermarket brings forward thinking innovations that align with the vision of tomorrow for future mobility. All TRW shocks deliver a premium level of enhanced safety and performance.

Philippe Colpron, Head of ZF Aftermarket, emphasizes, “India holds a pivotal role in our global strategy of servitizing the mobility ecosystem. By harnessing the region’s unique capabilities and speed, we further reinforce our dedication to innovation and excellence. With the further expansion of our activities in India, we not only strengthen our global supply chain but also underscore our confidence in India as a key player in the automotive aftermarket sector. Our customers benefit from value added services and solutions created in India for India which will allow them to further improve their operations and strongly support their zero downtime expectations throughout the lifecycle of their vehicles and fleets.”

Andre Scholle – Vice President, Head of India, MEA, CIS ZF Aftermarket, commented, “The Indian aftermarket is picking up speed and becoming more dynamic at an incredible pace. Our regional key priority is to provide local products and solutions with a focus on best-in class customer service. ZF Aftermarket in India is being transformed into becoming a hub for product creation, production, and assembly for local, regional, and even global demands. This is a strategic milestone in our commitment to driving excellence and delivering quality aftermarket products globally.”

With our strong presence at Automechanika Delhi, we further underscore our engagement with the vibrant Indian automotive market. This platform provides a valuable opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge solutions, connect with partners, and contribute to the continued growth of the aftermarket sector in India.”

Clutches for passenger cars and commercial vehicles

One key area where ZF Aftermarket excels is in providing top-notch clutches for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Its OE quality SACHS clutches and clutch components are designed to enhance the cost-effectiveness of car and commercial vehicles clutch replacement or repair while prioritizing driver comfort. SACHS clutches, known for their reliability and convenience, ensure smooth gear transitions, making the driving experience more enjoyable. Beyond the immediate benefits, SACHS clutches for passenger cars and CVs boast an impressive long service life, reinforcing ZF Aftermarket’s commitment to delivering value[1]added lifecycle solutions that accompany customers’ vehicles.

ZF Aftermarket launches new coolant in India.

In addition to shock absorbers and clutches, ZF Aftermarket offers a high[1]quality coolant designed to regulate temperature effectively. Compliant with IS 5759:2006 standards, this coolant boasts high thermal stability, low viscosity, and corrosion resistance. It features the highest boiling point among competitors, better foaming characteristics, and improved heat transfer capabilities, contributing to prolonged engine life. With minimal maintenance and freedom from foaming, the ZF Aftermarket coolant is a versatile solution suitable for water-cooled compressors, available in two variants, each in two distinct colors.

ZF Aftermarket displays pioneering solutions at Automechanika New Delhi

ZF Aftermarket has been on a growth path in India with product launches across its leading aftermarket and fleet solutions portfolio built on its strong brands LEMFÖRDER, SACHS, TRW, and WABCO meeting the local market specificities. Visitors to the ZF Aftermarket booth at Hall 4 booth #R42 would find continuous damping control by Sachs in addition to the TRW range of shock absorbers, brake discs, and brake pads. The WABCO range of solutions on display will include telematics solutions, trailer solutions, and air system protectors. ZF’s range of solutions is represented by the various transmission oil kits. In a world where mobility demands are constantly evolving, ZF Aftermarket’s pass car and commercial vehicle customers can rely on its holistic portfolio of solutions for both conventional as well as NEV technologies.