A glimpse of 2018 BMW i8 roadster

BMW i8 roadster

BMW’s hybrid sports-car ‘i8’ is back with its new 2018 model which was first launched in 2014. Let’s have an overview of it.


BMW i8 roadster version looks quite similar to its coupe version. Both the cars are so identical that you cannot distinguish between the two when are placed side by side. BMW i8 Roadster comes with butterfly doors (i.e. doors open upward) rather than outward opening doors. It is observed that entering a car with such doors is a bit more difficult as a person had to bend his body.

I8 Roadster is a convertible car. The chassis and body of such convertible cars require more strength to maintain stiffness and rigidity. This issue was easily compensated in BMW’s i8 Roadster, thanks to its carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) passenger compartment.

Frameless doors of i8 which are almost an integral part of overall design make its design more intriguing. The roofline of i8 is lowered which not only gives direct views of the sky above but also make it a spectacular looking car.


The driver compartment of i8 Roadster is more driver friendly compared to other futuristic cars. The dashboard is integrated with digital multifunctional instrument display which is packed with information like car’s speed, driving status, range, trip route, traffic and refuelling information. The display behind steering shows engine rpm, speed gear, gear shift suggestion and of course speed. The electric seats and a good quality of leather gives a premium feel for its interior.

Engine and transmission.

BMW i8 roadster is driven by an electric motor and a 3 cylinder petrol engine which is similar to i8 coupe except that its performance is improved. This improvement is due to raising peak performance of lithium-ion battery from 12 PS  143 PS. Coming to the petrol engine, it produces 234 PS and 320 Nm torque in a cylinder of 1500cc. Combining the total power obtained from the simultaneous working of electric motors and petrol engine, i8 Roadster produces 379 PS which can reach 100kmph in just 4.6 seconds. The top speed of the car is 250kmph and has a fuel efficiency of up to 50kmpl.

The i8 roadster is coupled with two separate transmissions, of course, one is for the petrol engine and one for electric motors. The transmission of petrol engines has an automatic six-speed which gives the power to rear wheels while that of electric motor’s transmits power to front wheels. The gearbox of an electric motor is an automatic two-speed transmission.


I8 Roadster comes with a regenerative braking system which works quite good.