All You Need To Know About LED


LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are a type of light source that has been widely utilized in the automotive industry due to their small size, high brightness, long life and low energy consumption.

Automotive incandescent lamps are not resistant to shock, damage, and short life, and need to be replaced frequently.

The fast response speed of LEDs can remind drivers to brake early and reduce rear-end collision accidents. Central rear high-position brake lights made of LEDs have become standard parts of automobiles, in developed countries.

The brightness of a Light Emitting Diode( LED) bulb is measured in lumens, hence that’s one important factor you will want to pay your attention.

Pros of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes):

  • LEDs over halogen bulbs have a much longer lifespan.
  • You do not have to face inconvenience due to too much brightness which causes temporary blindness to other motorists.
  • LEDs light up immediately in comparison to HID’s or Halogen bulbs that take some time.

Cons of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes):

  • The LED light source itself doesn’t get hot, but there is a lot of heat that is circulated to the emitter.
  • LED lights are expensive.

Types of LED Headlights

There are different varieties, designs and configurations of LED headlights. According to their area of application, they differ in structure, power, and life service. We have listed their speciality as well. Among the most important LEDs are:

Leaded LEDs: majorly used for control purposes,

 Superflex LEDs: more powerful than regular LEDs

SMD (Surface Mounted Device) LEDs: relatively insensitive and shine intensively

COB (Chip on board) LEDs: Most advanced one. It is attached to the circuit board itself.

and High Power LEDs: most powerful and robust.

Best LED Headlights in India

led lights
Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs

Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs, XenonPro LED Headlights, Beamtech LED Headlight Bulbs, Fahren LED Headlight Bulbs, Hikari Cree XHP50, Auxbeam F-16, LASFIT LED Headlight Bulbs

Cars with LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes):

LEDs are often used on modern cars for low-beam headlights, brake lights, indicators and daylight running lights.

Volvo S90, Toyota Corolla, Acura NSX,  Cadillac CT6, Hyundai Elantra, Lexus RC-F, Ford Mustang, Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

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