All You Need To Know About Why Daytime Running Lights Are There In Cars?


DRLs or Daytime running lights are pairs of lights on the front area of a car, and they emit yellow, amber or white light. DRLs are actually a car safety device while driving during the daytime.

Well, DRLs were originally made popular in parts of the world where daylight can often be dim and short in duration. They work great as a way to identify the car using them to other cars on the road. Unlike headlights, they are not intended to illuminate the road ahead, and they don’t also have any rear marker lights. They are simply dim lights at the front of the vehicle.

Why DRLs are helpful?

Daytime running lights (or DRLs) help with the problem of having completely dark cars being operated in low light conditions and are also intended to help in other circumstances.

How DRLs Work?

 The way DRLs work varies from automaker to automaker, and even from model to model.

Daytime Running Lights
Daytime Running Lights

Once enabled, DRLs are completely automatic and work without any need for driver involvement. They are usually on when the car is on, but some automakers, Subaru for example, enable them only when the vehicle is in a gear other than “Park.”

When the headlights are turned on by the driver or the automatic system the vehicle is equipped with, the DRLs may stay on or turn off. Once the headlights are enabled they are no longer needed, except again, as a way to make the car look distinctive.

Can DRLs be disabled?

In some vehicles equipped with DRLs, the system can be disabled, perhaps to satisfy the naysayers, or perhaps for those who want to operate in stealth mode.

What to do if DRL’s stop working?

 If your vehicle’s DRLs are not working for some reason, or if just one is, the typical cause is a bulb has burned out. In many cars, the bulb is shared with another function, so try the other lights to see if you can identify the cause.

 Before you go too far into the troubleshooting process, we suggest a glance at the owner’s manual. They may just be in the off position or not enabled in the scenario you expect.

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