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What Is AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking System) in Cars?

What does AEB mean?

AEB stands for Autonomous Emergency Braking, Automatic Emergency Braking, or, quite simply, Auto Emergency Braking. There are also several brand terms like ‘brake support’ or ‘brake assist’ to add to the chaos.

The system is a small work of genius that notices when you’re not doing your job with the stop pedal quickly enough, and does it for you. Not only that, but it does it so well that it will, on some cars, prevent you from having any rear-end accidents, ever, at speeds of up to 60km/h.

Hence, Automatic emergency braking is an active safety system that activates a car’s brakes when a potential collision is detected. As its name suggests, it works automatically, without the driver actually touching the brake pedal.

How Does it Work?

Autonomous Emergency Braking System
Autonomous Emergency Braking System

Some vehicles use radar sensors mounted within the front grille, bumper, or air vents. Others rely on cameras, which are usually installed inside the windshield behind the rearview mirror area. Some use both. Whatever the detection method, software constantly calculates crash potential based on sensor data. If specific parameters are met, the software triggers AEB.


  • Low-speed system (city) — this works at lower speeds on the city streets to detect other vehicles in front of your car to prevent crashes and non-life-threatening injuries such as whiplash.
  • Higher speed system (inter-urban) — this scans up to 200m ahead using long range radar at higher speeds.
  • Pedestrian system — this detects pedestrian movement in relation to the path of the vehicle, helping to determine the risk of collision.


  1. Autonomous Emergency Braking System (AEB) helps in avoiding crashes.
  2. It ensures safety to an extent.


  • There is a potential for error.
  • If the AEB is faulty then it may not work at the right time.
  • The driver may not pay the needed attention due to reliance on AEB.

Cars With AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking System) In India

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