Common Brake Problems In Cars That Can TROUBLE You

Brake maintains the equilibrium of your car and knowing that your brakes can malfunction can hurt your driving sense and create panic to a great extent. Hence if you are aware beforehand that your brakes might malfunction then it’s always better to have them repaired beforehand. Let’s identify some common problems and discuss the way out.

1. The Marshmallow brake – If the situation is such that if the brake does not feel any more once it goes down to the floor then this situation is known as marshmallow brake situation. At times even if you force the brake doesn’t work until it is forced to and in such situation, one must not drive further. In such situations check the fluid reservoir and ensure that the fluid is filled till the recommended level. Next check for any leakages in the master cylinder and if you witness and spills then you must replace the cylinder.

2. The one side pull – while driving if you feel that the car is finding it difficult to pull to one side whenever you use the brake then the reason for this can be frozen calliper and the f there same can be repaired if it is bent. If there is a pulling-like effect when the brakes are pressed then replacing will be the only solution.

3. The shaking steering wheel – While driving your car in the highway or busy road if your steering wheel shakes then this can be a brake problem. If the rotors get damaged and moisture forms then it can be a serious issue. Cars which stay passive for a long duration often encounter this problem. Hence repairing or changing the rotors is the only solution to this problem.

4. Brake pedal going up – If the brake pedals shake or move up and down then there is a problem, then rotors are responsible for this and mostly changing them is the solution.