Everything You Need To Know About Sleeping In Car With Engine On

A vehicle is certainly an asset for the one who possesses it and wishes to try experiment all sorts of hidden desires like listening to music, travel etc., but sleeping in the vehicle with the engine on is certainly not the most desirable thing to do. It can harm your vehicle. Nowadays the new generation treats the vehicle as an object of entertainment and does not adhere to the rules properly.

You might feel tired and long a short nap during your long drives. You must know that the car chamber gets filled with dangerous and suffocating gases. Sleeping in the car with the AC on is even more hazardous.

1. Suffocation due to Air exhaust system – If the air exhaust system is not working properly then the oxygen level decreases while sleeping in the car. The chances of someone dying while sleeping increases when no fresh sir comes in.

2. Increased level of Carbon Monoxide – Carbon Monoxide is present in the car exhaust system and one might not sense trouble because it is an odourless and poisonous gas causing death in no time.

3. Malfunctioned air Condition – Malfunctioned AC can lead to serious dilemmas, since the air cannot be recycled, then one should keep the car windows open for some time and allow fresh air to come in. It helps in recycling and also keeps the cabin fresh. Keeping the windows open also makes it less hazardous and helps overcome malfunctioned AC.

Having stating a few of the reasons and the consequences of sleeping in the car with the engine on, one must keep these points in mind and be very cautious if doing something like this. So you must avoid taking a nap in the car with the engine on whether in short or a long trip.