Rules to Know When Driving at High Speed

Driving is surely fun, but driving at a high speed is even more fun but comes with added responsibilities and etiquettes that one needs to remember while driving.

1. Say ‘NO’ to driving when you are stressed – It is said that if you drive when you are stressed or fatigued then there are more chances of you meeting to an accident than when you drive in all your senses. When you are stressed your brain reacts slowly and in turn, it freezes your limb. Hence you are always requested not to drive if you have consumed too much alcohol.

2. Slowdown in bad weather – While driving if you experience bad weather then try to focus on the traction so that it allows the tyres to meet the surface wall. You can meet the friction only by driving the car at a fair speed. In case you are driving and you face heavy storm or rain then ensure that the tyres make enough contact with the ground and stay in gravity.

3. Know the blind spots – In every car there are certain portions inside the car which obstruct the outside view. While driving at a high speed you must observe the blind spot and ensure no one is crossing the road.

4. Indicate every time – Every driver has the tendency to overtake hence it is always wise to use the indicator while doing so. You can try to blow a horn during the day and flash lights at night.

5. Have proper tyre pressure – The tyre of your vehicle burns a lot when you drive at a high speed, so it is mandatory to maintain proper pressure. Neither should it be less nor over. By maintaining the right pressure you can avoid them from bursting.