A Guide To Buy Safety Gears


Its always better to be safe than being sorry. When you upgrade from a commuter bike, the first investment should be in safety gears , second in performance parts and if you get tired of looking at the same bike then only cosmetic changes should follow. For the sake of better understanding we would divide the information for short distance riders, long distance riders ( those who do interstate rides more frequently ) , Track riders.


General points

1 – Never become a brand ambassador for any product or brand. Its not necessary that each and every product of some brand is good.

2-  Its not necessary that online shopping is always smart shopping.

3- As we earlier pointed out cosmetics should be the last priority, utility should be given priority.

4- Its not necessary to become a power rangers, you can have accessories of different brands and colors too.



When you buy any product service is more important than purchase. Always buy a accessory which can be repaired and the best person to give you an insight is the dealer himself. Choose a dealer who guides you to a better product rather than someone who gives you a good discount. Do ask a dealer he is in a position to provide after sales service incase of any damage to the product.


Short Distance Riders

The Short distance riders are generally into leisure biking and enjoy rides on weekends. They make a considerable size among the riding community and forms the main base of customers for the brands. Few things to keep in mind while purchasing a accessory are

1- The rule of utility is most important. Always buy a product if you need it and not to make a museum at your home for all the useless things that you never use.

2- Many riders do long rides once a year , such riders can always consider borrowing stuff from fellow riders. You can use the saved money to get better accommodations or fuel to clock more kilometers on your bike.

3- Always invest in good products rather than cheap ones as cheap ones never protect you on the road.

4- There is no general rule to establish relationship between CC and Price. A dealer might tell you that as you own a bigger capacity bike you must invest in very expensive products. We would like to refute all such claims. The quality is more important than price of the product.

5- Start with basics and then you can upgrade to bigger products. For example you dont need to buy a riding pant on the first ride. You can always ride with a thick jeans and a knee guard in first few days of riding.



Long Distance Riders

We use this term for people who go on regular interstate rides.

1- By rule always ask if the product you are purchasing can be repaired. The accessories are prone to continuous wear and tear which might burn a hole in your pocket on every ride.

2- Highways riders need to be visible to the bigger vehicles like trucks and buses so always prefer products with reflectors.

3- Never try to overload your bike with fancy stuff like tank bags when not needed at all.  Prefer good saddle bags and try to fit all your stuff in it.

Explanation- (hypothetical situation) Many a times riders get saddle bags, Tail bags and tank bags. You can slide in between and it might support your back for good. In case for a accident , the petrol leak and an unlucky engine spark might light a fire and the rider might not be able to move out of  the bike owing to the number on bags that he is caught into.

4- A riding pant is a must as it decreases your luggage considerably.


Track Riders

1 -Track biking is getting developed in India, which is a welcome sign. The biking in a controlled environment is always desirable.

2- Each track has set minimum set of rules and standards for the safety gears. We should follow them as there is a lot of science behind each set standard.

3-Leathers are always encouraged on the track.

4- Try not buying first copy or substandard stuff just to fill the requirements of the track rules.


We hope the above information will help you, Do write to us if you need information on specific subjects.

We wish you happy and safe riding ; and remember never ride faster than your guiding angel.

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