Isuzu Motors India turn 10, announces production of 25k vehicles for FY22-23


Isuzu Motors India, with its D-Max V-Cross lifestyle Pickup, single-handedly kick-started the niche lifestyle vehicle category in India which is now gaining momentum with other automakers now launching their products in the segment

Isuzu Motors India has completed 10 Years of operations in India. The Japanese SUV and CV maker stepped onto the Indian shores in 2012, with the launch of the Isuzu MU-7 and Isuzu D-Max, and D-Max V-Cross pickup trucks.

Isuzu’s Decade in India 

The ceremony marking the event was the first get-together event organized by Isuzu post the COVID-19 pandemic era. Employees who have stuck with the company since the beginning of the Indian innings were felicitated, and so were those employees who completed 5 years of service at Isuzu Motors India. The Japanese Automaker also announced that it would produce and deliver 25,000 vehicles in FY22-23. Isuzu’s Sri City manufacturing facility recently rolled out the 50,000th vehicle, assembled the 5000th locally made engine, and produced the  500,000th pressed part.

Mr. Wataru Nakano, Managing Director, Isuzu Motors India in his speech said, “IMI has successfully completed 10 years in India. It has been through many challenges, however, we have created a new niche in India with the ISUZU D-MAX V-Cross (India’s First Adventure Utility Vehicle (AUV)). As part of the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ initiative, our ‘Made in India’ products are now being exported to neighboring and gulf countries. Needless to say, India is very important to ISUZU and will serve as one of the important manufacturing hubs for ISUZU globally. I am happy to announce that we are well set to deliver 25K vehicles this year.”

The current Isuzu India Line-up includes the Isuzu-D-Max V-Cross and D-Max Hi-Lander lifestyle Pick-ups, The D-Max S-Cab and D-Max commercial Pick-up, and the Isuzu MU-X & seat full-size SUV. It remains to be seen when the company plans to launch the new-gen V-Cross and MU-X models in India. Wishing Isuzu Motors India another decade of successful operations in Inda


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