HOP Electric Mobility offers free accessory with E-Scooters

Hop Electric Mobility

HOP Electric Mobility will offer free accessories on the purchase of it’s electric scooters ahead of the festive season in India, an offer valid till 29th October

Hop Electric Mobility has announced festive offers on its electric scooters ahead of the festive season in India. Valid till 29th October, throughout the festive season in India, the accessory, a Body Grille, will be available for the Hop Lyf and Hop Leo E-Scooters.

Hop Leo

The Hop Leo comes with a 72V 2500W Electric Motor. Rated output stands at 125Nm, making the Leo capable of a top speed of 25 km/hr. The Leo is available with two battery options, offering ranges of 75km per charge and 125km per charge. The Leo offers features like a front disc brake, an electronically assisted braking system, an anti-theft wheel lock with an alarm, remote keyless ignition, and GPS and GSM.

Hop Lyf

The Hop Lyf comes with a 2500W 72V battery pack putting out 96 NM of torque. Like the Leo, it comes with 2 options for the battery pack offering ranges of 80km and 125km. The EV maker offers a 3-year Warranty on the battery pack. The Lyf comes with features like Remote Keyless Ignition, Anti-Theft Wheel Lock with alarm, front disc brake, and electronically assisted braking system

Speaking about this exciting offer, Rajneesh Singh, Chief Marketing Officer, HOP Electric Mobility said,
“The Festive Season has a long-standing history of being auspicious for people looking to invest, so
manufacturers and dealers also want to make the most of it. HOP is playing its share of role in increasing
sustainable mobility adoption by providing exclusive free accessories (Body Grill), in addition to the
standard incentives. Simultaneously, to address the charging infrastructure challenges and help
overcome range anxiety, the company is working on strengthening the pilot HOP Energy Network in
Jaipur, which is being rolled out to the other parts of the country.”

“We and our extended family, including dealer partners managing HOP Experience Centres across more
than 150 touchpoints, are committed to accelerating the adoption of sustainable mobility solutions in
India. Our growing portfolio of electric two-wheelers, consisting of HOP LEO, HOP LYF, and high-speed
HOP OXO and another electric scooter in the pipeline, is a progressive step in that direction. We welcome
more people in the HOP family with open arms.” He added.

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