Jaguar-Land Rover opens new boutique dealership in Bengaluru

Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover opens its first boutique dealership in Bengaluru, its 26th across 24 major cities of India

Jaguar Land Rover has opened its first boutique dealership in Bengaluru, India. Located on Cunningham road, it is located in a business district area. This location adds to the convenience for customers.

The dealership spread across an area of 446sq.m. offers a State-Of-The-Art experience. Both Jaguar and Land Rover will have their portfolio on display. The facility offers the customers a Digital Customisation Studio. With this facility, customers can personalize their Jaguars or Land Rovers to their tastes.

Rohit Suri, President & Managing Director, Jaguar Land Rover India Ltd, said: “We are pleased to introduce a boutique showroom in one of our key markets, Bengaluru. Enabled by the latest in digital technologies, the brand new facility will help us enhance customer experience engagement with the two iconic brands. The showroom is very well located and offers great ease of access to many fans and customers of Jaguar Land Rover in Bengaluru.”

Jaguar-Land Rover will look to increase their presence in the market as we gear up for a major change in the automotive industry. Recent reports have confirmed that the British marque has got a £500m loan guarantee from the Britain Government. Jaguar recently announced that the next flagship XJ Saloon will be an EV.

Know More about the dealership network and the vehicle line-ups in India on the official Jaguar and Land Rover website.

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