John Deere India Launches 4WD Tractor for high value crop

John Deere India

18 December 2018 | John Deere Plant – Pune

Celebrating 20 years in India, John Deere launched a new tractor targeting the orchard and paddy farmers. A four-wheel-drive with high torque output and right dimension enables the tractor to travel easily between the ridges of crops. John Deere is offering their products with some noteworthy features, like power steering, planetary reduction, oil immersed disk brakes, force feed lubrication and high torque machine. With strong and durable built, John Deere is offering 5-year warranty, including clutch plates. All the levers are strategically located to reduce operator’s fatigue considerably.

Specifications as provided by John Deere India
Specifications as provided by John Deere India

1997, John Deere, an American company, signed up with Larsen & Toubro Ltd. for their India venture. Their first plant came up at Sanaswadi, Pune, followed by other facilities.

John Deere Celebrating 20 Years of India Operation

Speaking during the press meet at Pune plant, Mr. Satish Nadiger Managing Director & CEO John Deere India, said that over these 20 years John Deere India has invested in various manufacturing and development facilities with innovative outcome. Many of these technologies are patented in India and exported out across the globe.

  • Tractor manufacturing locations in Pune (Maharashtra)
  • Tractor manufacturing locations in Dewas (Madhya Pradesh)
  • Harvester manufacturing in Sirhind (Punjab)
  • Electronics system manufacturing in Pune (Maharashtra)
  • Engineering Centre in Pune (Maharashtra)
  • Technology Centre in Pune (Maharashtra)
  • Parts Distribution Centre in Nagpur (Maharashtra)
  • Captive finance company to provide financing solutions to John Deere customers.
Mr. Satish Nadiger on John Deere 3028 EN

Mr. Mukul Varshney Director, Corporate Affairs John Deere India spoke about user specific innovative technologies developed and introduced in India.

Production System Solution (using Front Hitch Front PTO & GPS Seeder) – Farmers get smaller window for sowing and reaping time due to global change in weather. Various implements from John Deere helps the farmers to do multiple activity at the same time with John Deere tractors. Like, soil preparation, sowing and fertilising can be carried out in one pass. This reduces number of passes, thus saving on time and fuel.

GPS Navigation Assist System – John Deere tractors fitted with GPS navigation system helps to sow faster with better accuracy of sowing depth and space between each plant and ridges. High value crops (grapes, pomegranate, orange etc.) need precision spraying of pesticides, nutrients etc. This combination of technology helps the farmers to cover the entire orchard precisely without missing out on any area. This results in better yield, thus better returns for the farmers.

Wet Clutch (Perma Clutch) – A hydro-mechanical actuator along with wet clutch system is provided in vehicles used in heavy commercial and harsh agriculture environment. This reduces the clutch pedal effort by 25%, increasing productivity and durability of clutch plates. John Deere offers 5000 hours warranty on clutches with this technology.

JDLinkTM– With this Android mobile application based telematic solution, tractor owners can track location, condition and measure area covered by their machine. This helps the owner to charge rentals based on actual usage, get their vehicle serviced on time, save fuel etc.

John Deere Tractors
GPS Navigation Assist System for precision farming.
John Deere Tractors
Antenna on vehicle for GPS Navigation Assist System

John Deere India operation is not just selling tractors and implements, the company is taking efforts to provide complete solutions to their customers across the country. The company is offering solutions from pre to post harvest. John Deere India is also exporting many technologies which are developed in India at their various technology centres.

John Deere Plant, Sanaswadi, Pune

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