Tata Tigor EV now available for self-drive in Pune

Tata Motors has partnered with Zoomcar to deploy 500 electric cars in their fleet of self-drive rental cars.


Tata Motors, in a bid to familiarise the masses with Electric Vehicles, has partnered with ZoomCar. ZoomCar is a popular car-rental platform which lets you rent self driven cars. This means you can now rent a Tata Tigor EV for your suitable duration and experience electric vehicle. Earlier this year, Tata Motors won the government tender to make electric vehicles for parliament officials.

The EVs are fast emerging among European countries. The IC engine will soon be a thing of past. Countries like France have already pledged to come down upon fossil fuel powered transportation and pledged to clean the countries environment. By 2030, every car plying on the roads will be a zero-emission vehicle, according to this pledge. But the concept of EV is far premature and alienated in the mind of the Indian Motorist, which will cause a delay for EVs to catch up in India. Initiatives like this one will help reduce the alienated view of EVs in Indian minds.

Speaking on the occasion, Shailesh Chandra said, “The future of mobility will increasingly be connected, shared and powered by zero-emission technologies. Tata Motors is strongly committed to this transformative journey and working with all like-minded partners to accelerate the enabling ecosystem. It is a great pleasure to announce our partnership with Zoomcar to offer shared electric mobility solution for the citizens of Pune. Tata Tigor EV will now be available on the self-drive rental platform, offered by Zoomcar, to enable zero-emission transport option for the citizens of Pune. We are confident that our customers will appreciate and enjoy the driving experience.”

Commenting on the partnership, Greg Moran said, “The Zoomcar team is thrilled to partner with Tata Motors to bring electric vehicles to Pune. This marks the beginning of a dynamic partnership within electric mobility and we expect to touch 20 cities and 500 electric vehicles with Tata over the next year.”



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